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What's your favorite Tesla Model?  


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August 22, 2019 2:00 pm  

Personally, I have always really liked the old Roadster. When it was launched into space on the Falcon 9 Heavy, it inspired me to start saving for my elaborate funeral in ~60 years. I want to be launched into space on a SpaceX rocket and just ejected into space when I die. With the Metallica song "Now That We're Dead" playing on the livestream.

Anyways, my favorite current production model has to be the Model S. Even though it's barely been refreshed in minor ways, I still think it has a great look! I have been pricing solar for my home, and while Tesla doesn't offer their systems here, I can get a powerwall from them. The broadest part of my roof faces SE, and with 16 panels with the highest efficiency, I would produce a theoretical 117% of my usage needs. That 17% should be more than enough to charge the car without drawing from the grid. Baby steps, I don't have the money for the projects yet, but it's very promising the direction solar power and electric cars are moving.

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