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August 21, 2019 7:23 pm  

Armed Forces Car Club (AFCC) is a community of Car Enthusiasts, no matter what that looks like.

These rules are subject to change, without warning, at any time. By using AFCC's platform, you agree to comply with all rules set forth. AFCC reserves the right to remove and ban any member from the platform arbitrarily, and without warning. This list is not a comprehensive list, but rather a general guide for use and behavior.

General Rules:

  1. You will not troll, harass, taunt, or otherwise attempt to belittle another member.
  2. Original content is preferred, sharing of memes or other content that have been in circulation for years is boring for everyone. Meme's also only belong in the Meme Holding Area, unless they are directly related to the thread's topic.
  3. No pornography or other NSFW imagery allowed for any reason.
  4. No links that are self promoting, including, but not limited to; fundraisers, your business, charity or otherwise without prior approval. 

More to follow.


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