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Where are they now? OG Members update thread  


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August 15, 2019 10:07 am  

Old Name: 2Liter4Wheeler, Sgt Jerd

I was a Sergeant in the Marine Corp back on the old site. I was stationed in Hawaii at K-Bay and autocrossed a 1991 E30 318is. Times were fun back then!!! I was also an avid motorcycle rider, and RC enthusiast.

Now days, I'm 5 years honorably discharged from the Corps. I went to school for a few years but needed more income for the family. I went back to work for a small time IT company but again, needed more money. I now work as an analyst for the California Highway Patrol. I specifically work with the computer and communication equipment in the trunks of the cars. I drive them regularly and have tons of content I can share about the vehicles of the CHP.

These days, my vehicular focus has changed slightly. Listed below (largest to smallest) is my current lineup.

1999 Chevy Silverado 3500 454 - 4 door, 4x4, Long bed, 6 inch lift, 33's - Big, powerful, roughly a week long, tow rig for my boat and camper
2002 BMW X5 - Wife's mommy ride
2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Oldest daughter's car
1968 Ford Mustang - Restoring as gift to my dad
2010 Mini Cooper S - My commuter
1963 VW Beetle - My own toy


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I was AtLemacks on the old board as well, and I was a Medic in the Army at the time. I was in the same unit as the original founder, Sean Davis in 2007 when he started this whole thing. It would have been nice to have kept the old databases, but that wasn't in the mind when I shut it down all those years back!

Currently I own Lemacks Media, LLC and live in North Carolina!

My current DD is a 2019 Chevy Colorado v6 4x4 in WT trim. It's got everything I need, and nothing I don't want!

CEO & Owner of Lemacks Media. Founder of Armed Forces Car Club.


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