2002 BMW X5  


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September 19, 2019 12:03 pm  

This thing is my wife's daily and she is head over heels for it. Aise from us wishing it has a more modern stereo, its been perfect for us so far and we will have it for a long time. 

The story on how we got it is pretty cool too. We paid......$0.00 for it! We have a friend that works as a hygienist at one of the local dental offices around here. She texts me one day, "Hey, want a BMW?" I said of course and asked what in the hell she was getting at. Her boss, the owner of the dental practice, wanted a new X6M. He could have sold his current X5 for around 7-8 grand, or donated it for a $10k tax break for his practice. It was literally worth more to him to donate it than it would have been to sell it. He goes to his front desk and asks his assistants if they know anyone that would want it. I replay to our friend that I am interested. She said to meet her at the office at 6pm that evening. My wife and I showed up to be greeted by our friend, and the dentist. He had the title already filled out to be sold with my name and such already on it. Drove it home and it has been flawless aside from popping a coolant hose. 


In the end, im still commuting in my Mini and my lady is back in a BMW for the first time since Hawaii. 



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September 25, 2019 10:24 am  


Damn! I dig it! I need a windfall like that with a Mustang! 

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